Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Well it was a crazy week but I absolutely love it!

Well like the title of the email says it was a bit of a crazy week but I absolutely love it here in Buda.  I would compare this week to the first time I played varsity in football or basketball.  At first everything felt super-fast and I felt so overwhelmed but with time it got easier and I was able to manage it.  Let’s just say the first few days here were absolutely bonkers but things are starting to slow down a little bit now (but not really, haha).  

I got the transfer call on Tuesday that I would be going assistant in Buda.  So last Tuesday I packed a lot and prepared to head out by printing off pics that I wanted to give to members in the ward and writing notes, etc, we were also able to go to the boat for lunch which was nagyon finom (google it, haha – Google Translate was Very Fine).  It was so cool though because something absolutely amazing happened last Tuesday.  The family, the Dercséniék were nice enough to give us dinner before I was going to head out. So we eat dinner and it was super good, one of my Hungarian favorites, and after it the mom pulls us aside and tells us that her husband wants to start taking the lessons!  He had been talking with one of the members of the ward in secret and he had been giving him scriptures to read and stuff and he really wants to start to make a concentrated effort to meet with the missionaries.  We were able to have a really amazing lesson on Alma 32 and having the faith to believe, it was one of the coolest lessons hands down of my mission! He is so excited to keep meeting with the missionaries and there is no doubt in my mind that in the near future he is going to be getting baptized!  Then after that we were able to go and say good-bye to Roli.  It was pretty hard to say good-bye to the little rascal, but I told him that I would be back for sure and that I would bring you all to come and see him in the near future.  He is a pretty special kid and he truly changed my life and the course of my mission.

Then we were able to leave the apartment early on Wednesday morning.  On the train it was snowing, it was so crazy!  Then when we got there it was like a mix of heavy rain and snow! I got to the office and it was right to work, literally like right to it.  We planned out our day and got right into planning the presentation we would be giving to the new missionaries and their trainers the next hour.  We gave the presentation and it went super well.  We were able to finish that and then we were able to and help a couple of the sisters off to the train station with all of their bags.  Then after that we ran home, unpacked and ran back to the mission home to go and have dinner with all of the missionaries that were to be going home.  Then that night we were able to go up to a super cool look out in Budapest with all of the departing missionaries.  Then we were able to go back and spend the night with Elder Heaps ( a former AP who I looked up to a ton, then the next morning we were able to see him off at 4 am, haha).  Then on Thursday, we were able to prepare for our training that we would be giving the next day in the missionary leadership council on heading to the promptings of the spirit (we used Elder Rasband's talk from conference and I think it turned out super well!).  Then we were able to have a meeting with stake member and president Szabadkai and it went good and then we had our english class and then we had a lesson with a recent convert named Zsuzsa (she was really sad that the old assistant left, haha).  Then the next day, we had the MLC, went well and then we were able to do a lot of other stuff (like finally go to the store and do some finding, found lots of cool people).  Saturday was also super good!  On Sunday I bore my testimony in church and everyone really liked it and I was also able to translate for some visitors a little bit.  This member wanted to bear her testimony to this woman from America and so I translated for her and the American woman started to cry, it was so powerful. 

I really love it here and am so happy to serve the Lord in this assignment!! 

Love you all,

Elder Gentry 

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