Friday, April 14, 2017

Great Week!!!

This is going to be short because I do not have a ton of time, but in short it was a GREAT WEEK!

We were able to have two exchanges this week and one of which was in budapest with the assistants.  I was able to work with Elder Fitzgereld who I really look up to a lot and was actually my zone leader my 1st two transfers! 

The work in Győr is moving forward and is doing well!  We were able to meet with Richard only once this last week (and I actually was not able to as it was Elder Jensen and Elder Smith when they went on exchanges), however, he is doing well.  I think that he has more faith that he gives himself credit for and I truly believe that it is growing and that he is slowly but surely starting to see that growth.  He was able to come to church again and is quite far along in his Book of Mormon reading (I believe that he is on page 400 or around there).  We are going to try to get him on a concrete date for baptism that he can work for this next week and are going to continue to do our best to get him to recognize the feelings of the spirit and how he can come to know that this Gospel is true and that God is our loving Heavenly Father.

We were also able to have another investigator, Mark, in church this week.  He really enjoyed it and he is progressing well. He said that he would be baptized and we are going to go over a baptismal calendar with him in our next visit, so that we can get him working toward a specific date.  In our most recent lesson we were able to discuss the gospel of Jesus Christ and the first part of the Plan of Salvation and he really loved and took it well.

We also had another great teaching this last week where we were able to discuss baptism with our investigator Gabor.  We were able to discuss how the Lord will honor those that honor him and that one of the things that the Lord requires of us is baptism and that if we do that, he will honor us with more than we can even imagine.  Gabor is a former investigator and he used to come to church every single week and has read the entire Book of Mormon.  We are going to get him on the habit of doing those things once again and hopefully (prayerfully) get him on a baptismal date this week when he can enter the waters of baptism.

We have many new investigators and many potentials including some families.  We have a really great week lined up for us this week and we are very excited to see the people that the Lord will place in our path!  I will keep serving as hard as I can and will keep giving it my all every single day!  I love this work and I love serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  My love of him has grown so much and my desire to share this great news with the world just keeps growing stronger and stronger.  I love you all so much and hope that you too also have a great week!! 
 Our building in Győr

Armor of God lesson - I made the cutout...

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