Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 2 in Buda

I do not have a ton of time so I am going to say as much as I can and go over all of the highlights.

We had zone trainings this past week and we were able to attend all of them.  We were able to discuss relying on the spirit and how we need the spirit in every aspect of our work as missionaries.  They went so stinking well and I was able to learn so much that I want to apply.  There is a quote in PMG that says that as missionaries we have to rely on the spirit because it is vain for anyone to minister in the ordinances of salvation without it, how true that is!  Elder Fitzgerald and I were able to give a training in every one of the conferences and it was about how our mission culture needs to be teach repentance and baptize converts.  We were able to discuss always having the faith to find even when it is super hard and I was able to share that story that Mom would always tell me about the man that would build houses and how one day another man had asked him to build a house and how the builder did not give it his full effort and then the man said that he was actually going to give the house to the builder as a gift and the builder was in shock and was devastated because he did not give it his full effort, and how as missionaries we need to always give it our all because out of nowhere the Lord will put those people that are ready in our path and we cannot miss them.

I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Ure this week in Buda and I had one of the coolest experience on my mission.  We met with a lady to give her service in her garden.  She said that we would be loading fire wood at this place and that we needed to go in her car.  She did not have a man to come along with us in the car so we remained obedient and ran 3 kilometers to the designated place, loaded the wood, grabbed a bus for the way back and got another lady’s number on the bus then arrived back at her home.  We unloaded the wood and then we were able to ask to share a message.  During the message, she just started to cry and said that she was praying for someone to come and help her and then 2 minutes later the missionaries knocked on her door.  She wants to meet with us more and when we finished saying the closing prayer she was just bawling and saying that she is so grateful for the service and the things we said.  She has 2 small kids and I think is divorced, I was so glad to help.  It is so cool because we were 1-obedient, 2-giving service, and 3-testified.  It was amazing.

Sorry this is a bit shorter but I know that this church is so true and I love being a missionary here in Buda!!! 

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