Thursday, April 6, 2017

3-27 Good and Busy Week

Well like the title says it was a good and busy week!  On Tuesday we had our zone training in Budapest!  It went really great and the spirit helped us a lot!  We were able to give a training on our purpose as missionaries, the sacredness of our call, and how the world needs the gospel (or good news).  We discussed a lot about the Ricciardi Letter (not sure if you all have heard of it before but it is absolutely incredible and makes me want to be the type of missionary Elder Ricciardi was) and discussed how we need to be bold because the world needs the gospel, it went well!  Then we went on exchanges in Szombathely and they went great! 

It was a bit of a hard week in relation to one of our investigators.  We had planned to have his baptismal interview this last Saturday, however it did not end up happening.  The day before the interview we were able to discuss some of the questions that Elder Leavitt would be asking him, and after asking about God and the Restoration, he informed us that in all reality he was unsure and that he did not know where he stood on his relationship with knowing that God is truly our Father in Heaven.  He told us that he was unsure about if he thought that the Book of Mormon was true and that he had not felt the Spirit's confirmation that what we had been going over with him was true, it was pretty hard to hear that from him.  The hardest part is the fact that he has been coming to church, he has been reading almost every day, and has been praying to know if it is true or not.  He has been keeping commitments and has been experimenting on the word but yet he has not received the witness yet that it is all true. We kept on assuring him that if he continuously pursues this course of action then he would indeed get an answer and that he would know of a surety that God is there and that he is indeed his loving Heavenly Father.  I have the faith that he can get to that point of wanting to be baptized and I have the faith that it can happen quickly.  I know the spirit can confirm to him that it is all true and I know that if he keeps on keeping commitments and coming to church then he can get his answer.  I know that one day he can become a great member of the church.

We were also able to meet with some other really great new investigators this last week.  One of which was one of the sister’s old investigators. We were also able to meet with someone that we spoke with on the train back from Szombathely.  I felt like I should speak with him and he turned out to be really interested as well as his girlfriend, we are going back there next Wednesday.  We have a lot of really great potentials right now, including a couple of families.  God keeps on placing people in our path and keeps honoring us from day to day.  We have been really trying to have daily contact with all of our investigators and it seems to be helping a lot.  I got a text back from one of our investigators today, and he told us how much he loved reading about the Christ's visit to the Americas, it was really great to hear.  The work here is definitely moving forward and I am honored to be serving the Lord in this amazing country!   I love you all so much and I hope that you all have a great week!!!  
 Caught in the rain
 Elders Gentry and Smith
 Kids like to steal their mission tags at church
 Moldy orange
Zone Training

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