Monday, October 24, 2016

 303 - CO!
 New Companion - Elder Olsen
 New Area - Pécs

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I am getting transferred to Pécs

Hey everybody!  It was a super good week this last week.  So like the title of my email says, I am indeed getting transferred :(.  But that is OK because like the song says I will go where you want me to go!!!  Elder Ure is getting moved up to Zone leader which is super cool and the new Zone leader city is going to be Győr (so I am happy for him).  It is super cool though, even though I am super bummed that I am leaving Győr (especially because the kid Roland that we have been teaching is going to get baptized in a week from Saturday, I know a miracle) I am super happy to be able to go and serve in Pécs.  Apparently it has the reputation for being the most beautiful city in the entire country.  Our president is actually from there.  I am a little bummed but I know that it all happens for a reason and I hope that I am able to bless the lives of the people in Pécs that I come in contact with!  I am going to serve with Elder Olsen who was an office Elder a couple transfers ago and speaks absolutely incredible Hungarian!  I am going to suck his brain and I hope to be able to improve a ton this upcoming transfer.  The language is definitely coming and I am understanding more and more and I am able to carry on decent conversations with people.  It is hard though, because you have to literally think in Hungarian, you can't just translate the English, because the way that they say things is just so different.  It will come though (it already is).  I am not worried about it at all and know that if I work hard and rely on the Lord then I will keep on improving!!! Anyway it was a really good week this last week!  It was a weird week just with transfers and everything, but it was good.  I was able to get the package from Budapest yesterday (thank you so much!!!).  I loved the pictures (pictures and letters are always my favorite things!) and I loved the goodies.  We also had cleaning checks this week and our apartment looked super fine (mom you would have been proud).  It was also a week full of getting dogged.  We got dogged a bunch but the lessons we did have were super good and Roland, the young kid is progressing super-super well.  He and his mom were able to come to church on Sunday and I really think that they were able to feel the spirit.  I am again super bummed that I won't be here for his baptism but I know that I am going to Pécs for a reason.  There are people there that I hope to make a difference in their lives!  It was super hilarious!  So yesterday, we were teaching Roland about the word of wisdom.  In Hungarian, the word for milk is tej (sounds like tae) and the word for tea is the same.  So Elder Ure and I are explaining that we can't drink tea and the kid goes nuts!  He is like. Why?!?! I drink it every morning for breakfast and I love it, I don't understand why it would not be allowed.  Then me and Elder Ure ask him what kind he drinks (thinking it might be herbal) and he goes, I don't know the regular kind that you get from the cow!  That is when we realized that we had been saying milk the whole time and we felt like total idiots (so funny, can't break that accent).  I am super happy for him and know that the gospel is totally going to change his life.  I love you all tons, thanks for being the best!!!  

Gentry Elder


Monday, October 10, 2016

Well, we were honored this week....

It was a super incredible week.  It started out on Monday.  So my very 1st night in Győr, Elder Ure and I went tracting.  The very 1st building I ever tracted we gave out 2 Book of Mormons, one of which was to this super nice Néni (Old lady in Hungarian).  A few weeks ago, we get this phone call from this lady and she said that she did some research on our church and she wanted to learn more (from then on we called her the csoda néni).  So anyway we meet with her this last Monday and it just goes incredible! She believed everything we taught and was super interested!  She is thinking about baptism and we are going to try to get her on a date this week!  We also met with those people we tracted into last week and they are also going to read and think about a baptismal date!  We have worked so hard this transfer just finding people to teach and we really feel like the Lord is really honoring us for our efforts.  I really want to stay in Győr because I really think that the work is starting to pick up but I will go wherever.  We also met with this super cool kid this last week.  He is 11 (Bethy's age) and he is a stud.  He goes to church every week by himself and accepted a date to be baptized on the 22nd.  It is hard thought because he goes to a Catholic school and every Sunday he has to get a piece of paper from the bishop saying that he went to church and his church is at the exact same time as ours.  We are going to see if he can go to a different time because the kid is legit and he and his mom want him to be baptized!  It was absolutely incredible!  The member support is really increasing and we were able to get 6 member presents this last week!!!  God has honored us so much and we will keep working our butts off!

So I got in my 1st bike wreck this last week!  I don't even know what exactly happened but the next thing I knew I was on the ground, haha guess it is ‘cause I am a lineman.  I am ok though so don't worry!  The coolest part was that I lost my nametag and we looked all over could not find it, called the secretaries to order a new one, said a prayer that we would find it, and suddenly it fell out of my shoulder bag (it got lodged in the strap)!  Total miracle!   
We had interviews with the Zone leaders this last week and they went great!  I was with Elder Priest who speaks perfect Hungarian and he told me what a great job we are doing and how proud they are of us (He also said I speak amazing for a 1st transfer which means a lot coming from him).  We also had interviews this week and I was able to do about half of my interview with President in Hungarian.   He is such an incredible man and I really like him a lot!  The gift of tongues is real and I know that if I open up my mouth then the spirit helps me a ton!  

I love you all so much!  Keep being the best family in the world, I love you all so so,so much and pray for you daily. Gentry Elder

Mission Trainer
Zone Leaders

Monday, October 3, 2016

Early days in Hungary

New Missionaries in Hungary

MissionTrainer - Elder Ure

Budapest, Hungary
Györ, Hungary