Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Brethren are inspired men, that is for sure!

Wasn't conference just so awesome!?!?  It is just so cool to go in with stuff on your mind and things that need to be answered and then receive answers almost instantaneously from the words of our prophet and apostles, I sure do love this gospel!  It was a bit of a hard week for us this last week but I am starting to appreciate the hard weeks more and more because those are the ones that I can learn from the most.  I really enjoyed conference this last weekend!  I found answers to a lot of the things that had been on my mind, and it is just always a testimony to me that the those that lead this church are truly called of God and that if we listen to their words with full purpose of heart then we can receive those things that we stand in need of.

Like I said, it was not the easiest of weeks for us.  The hardest part of the week was with regard to our investigators (who we had each had on a baptismal date).  We are really trying hard to get the first investigator to feel and recognize the spirit as he reads from the Book of Mormon.  He continues to come to church but is saying that he isn’t recognizing the spirit.  We continue to teach and have him read and pray and know that the answer will come to him.

Our next investigator told us that we wouldn’t be able to teach him anymore...we were devastated.  We will continue to try and reach out to him and hope that this is a temporary roadblock.  

Other than those things, there was some pretty amazing stuff that happened this last week.  One of which was a street meeting with a person that I had actually met my first transfer.  I had met this person on the street and he informed me that he had a incurable disease and that his life had been super hard and that he was an atheist.  He was not really interested to meet but I felt like I should give him a Book of Mormon and assigned him a chapter to read.  The other day we were in the park trying to street some families and the person that I had met nearly 6 months earlier walks up to me and told asked me if I remembered him, I said yes, and he told me that he had read the chapter and would want to meet sometime in the future.  Then we were also able to get a really amazing let in to this teenage boy and his grandma (his sister and mother live there too but were not home at the time).  We taught the Restoration and it went well and they were very excited for us to come back and teach some more.  We were able to have one of the people we have not been able to set up with for a while come to conference, and there were able to set up with him for this upcoming week!  We were also able to speak to many families this last week, and were able to get contact information for many of them so that we can set up for this week.  

It is not always the easiest thing in the world to be a full time missionary but I would sure as heck not trade it for anything else!  I am the happiest that I have ever been in my life and the things that I get to learn (especially from the hard weeks) I will apply for the rest of my life!  I sure do love you all and pray for you constantly! 

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