Friday, March 9, 2018

Interviews and Baptism!!!

It was a really really great week!  I am so happy to be able to stay in Buda again with Elder Lowe!  I love it here so much and I truly think that we are going to see a lot of miracles this upcoming transfer, I am really excited.  I love it here so much and I love being able to be around the Szabadkais because I can learn so much from them.  They are great examples to me and I am grateful that I can be with them.  

We were able to have interviews this week up here in Buda.  Elder Lowe and myself were able to have a 45 minute meeting with each of the companionships in the mission.  We were able to review all of their area books and every missionary planner and were able to review the principles of organization, planning and accountability.  It was super amazing and I was able to learn a lot of things from the missionaries as well.  We have such a good mission the missionaries really do strive hard to be diligent.  President Szabadkai has done a really great job of creating a culture of obedience that is super amazing to be a part of.  In one of the trainings a little while back (I may have already quoted this but I love it so much), President said that the key to happiness is 1. Faith in Jesus Christ 2. Obedience 3. Work.  I love that so much and it is something that I want to apply for the rest of my life.  As president says, " If you are not happy as missionaries, then I would ask you to repent!" I love that council so much!  If we are not happy, then we need to change something in our lives to be in better harmony with the Savior and his teachings!

We were able to have Krisztina's Baptism on Saturday and that was super amazing!  Csepai András baptized her, and the bishop confirmed her on Sunday!  She was able to bear her testimony in Sacrament meeting and it was so amazing, she is so amazing and so prepared.  Yesterday we had a Zone Day for the Budapest Zone!  We got our goal!  We played basketball and football at the stake center, and then we watched the movie Megamind, it was funny.  Yesterday evening we had family night at the Szabadkais!   We had some investigators there.  We spoke about overcoming problems in Christ, we read about Ether and also talked about the Brother of Jared.  We also spoke about Baptism.  It was great!  Now we are going to the airport to pick up the new missionaries, it will be awesome!   I love you all so much, have a great week!

Gentry elder 

Monday, February 19, 2018

It was truly a really fabulous week!  The best thing that happened this week was definitely one of our awesome investigators!  When we were on exchanges a few weeks back, Elder Lowe and Elder Garrett were able to tract into a woman from Romania.  She lives really close to the branch house and lives right now with her daughter and her two daughters, let us not forget there giant Akita dog.  The grandmother is the definition of being prepared!  She has been baptized into a couple of churches and has been searching for the truth for years but has not been able to find it.  She said that the 1st time she was in church she was looking for a mistake in the way that we did things (like she was able to find in the other places she attended), however, she was not able to find any (it is almost like this is the true church or something like that :).  We were able to bring up baptism with her this past week and we invited her to be baptized on the 3rd of March, she accepted.  She drank coffee, however, ever since she heard that coffee was not allowed in the gospel, she says she fills sick whenever she drinks it, she does not drink it at all now, the spirit really works.  Her daughter also wants to be baptized but we are going to give her a little bit more time.  The Lord truly placed them in our path!  

We were also able to go to Miskolc this past week.  I was able to be with Elder Terry from my MTC group and we were able have a good exchange.  We were able to find many potential investigators and were also able to find a new investigator over there in Miskolc.  It was a bit snowy on the way over there and on the way back but the Lord was totally able to watch over us and it was all ok. 

We were able to have many teaching appointments this past week and the investigators all seem to be progressing really well (the biggest problem right now is getting them to come to church as they all, or at least most, will say they will come, however, in church last Sunday we only had 2 investigators). 

We were able to meet with many other investigators this past week where we discussed the Plan of Salvation and the truths and blessings that come from the Book of Mormon.  We are teaching one family that is half American and half Hungarian (the mom is from America).  We had to meet with one investigator in a restaurant as our member wasn’t able to attend as something came up.

 The Lord is blessing us so much and we are working hard.  Have a great week and I love you tons!! 

Gentry elder 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Új érdeklődők megint! (New Leads Again)

It was another really wonderful week this past week and the Lord again honored us so much! 

On Tuesday we were able to host the Dunaújváros elders for an exchange here in Buda.  I was with Elder Neumiller and we were able to focus on talking with everyone and having effective studies.  We were able to find some super cool potential investigators  and we had a really great lesson with a wonderful family.  We were able to originally meet them in the summer, however, they got super busy and were not able to meet for about 3 months. They have a daughter who is 8 years old that asks very intellectual questions.  We met with them (the daughter was at her grandmas house though) and taught about the restoration, it was great!  Then we were also able to meet with another investigator.  We had planned to speak about the Plan of Salvation, however, the spirit took it another way and we spoke about the Word of Wisdom.  She said she would try to live according to it and at the end of the lesson we gave her a blessing of strength (to live according to the word of wisdom) and of healing (her eye was bugging her). It also went well.

On Wednesday we were able to greet the new Hugnarian missionary, elder Rusz!  I sent a picture of me with both of the Hungarian missionaries (elder Katics and elder Rusz).  He is serving in Békéscsaba and is going to do a really good job, he is actually from the Buda ward originally.

We were able to meet with a couple other new investigators on Saturday (found from tracting and streeting) and both of those lessons went really really well.  On Sunday we were able to have a really amazing church session.  Johanna was able to speak and it was literally so amazing!  She spoke about the role the Book of Mormon had in her conversion and about how God knows what is right and how we do not need to rely on our own strength.  President taught priesthood and he spoke about what it means to show forth true love towards our fellow men.  Love equals time and in order to truly love we need to put off the natural man and become saints.  

I love you all so much and wish you all a great week!! 

Gentry elder

Zone Conference Week

This post was written on February 5, 2018 (we're a bit behind...)

It was a really amazing week for us and the Lord honored us so much.  Every day (Monday to Friday) we were able to take part in a 5 hour zone conference!  They were really really great and I learned so much!  Elder Lowe and I were able to give a training in every one of those conferences on the importance of finding.  Everyone on earth is our brothers and sisters and they need to be reminded of the truth that we have been blessed with.  It is our duty to open our mouths and raise a warning voice to as many people as our Heavenly Father puts in our path.  That was the basis of our training and the Zone Conferences in general were really amazing. 

On top of Zone Conferences, we were able to do some really great work this week and the Lord honored us more than I can express in this letter.  We were able to get a total of 9 new investigators this last week and we had 3 of them in church.  The coolest story happened with a single mom and her son.

They met with the missionaries about 1 year ago and we felt like we should look them up. When we arrived in the area, we were able to search for their home but were not sure which one theirs was.  I then saw a mom and a son going into a house and I had a feeling to follow them in.  It turned out to be the right house and the mother and son turned out to be the mother and son we planned to look up.  We had a great lesson that day and we came back on Saturday with a member who helped a lot.  They were able to come to church and they loved it.    

This work is so amazing and I am so honored to be a participant in it.  I love you all and wish you a wonderful week!!!  

Gentry elder 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

As the title said, we were able to get a new car this past week.  I told to myself that I would not drive a Hybrid in my lifetime, however, I am doing it and it actually drives really really well!!  It is a toyota yaris 2018 and is pretty fun to drive.  The only problem is that it does not have a built in CD player and our phones are too old to be able to access its Bluetooth. It is ok though because we listen to the ipod that you all sent me #alliswellinzion

This week we were also able to make a new edition of the Hungary Budapest Mission Handbook.  We were able to get it all printed and it is ready to give to all the missionaries at Zone Conference this week. 

We were also able to hold a good Mission Leadership Council this past week where we were able to discuss the weekly planning session, goal setting, the daily planning session, and using time wisely.  It was really good, went for 5 and a half hours and I learned a lot!

We also were able to find 3 new investigators this past week.  One is a man that is originally from California but is no teaching English here in Hungary.  The we were able to meet with someone after English class and we found another while tracting, she told us to come back and we did.  

Our other investigators are doing well. 

I love you all so much and wish you all a csodálatos hetet!!  

Gentry elder 

Friday, January 26, 2018

We went back to Gyor

It was a really great week for us!  As the title of the email says we were able to go out west to the wonderful city of Győr this week!  I was able to work with Elder Martin who plays the piano super super well and is from the state of Missouri!  I was not able to meet with Roli which I was kind of sad about, however, we were able to have a really good lesson with one of my old investigators who is really approaching baptism.  We spoke about how if he wants to gain a testimony of the existence of a God then he needs to read the Book of Mormon which will get a man nearer to God than by any other book.  

We were also able to hold a daily exchange here in Budapest this week!  I was able to work with Elder Graham from the good ol' Colorado Springs.  He is a really humble, hard-working missionary that is a really good example to me.  We were tracting in a 10 story building and we were approaching the end.  We had talked to one really cool guy but other than him had not really found a lot of super solid people.  As we were approaching the end, I had a weird feeling, almost like the devil was trying to throw me off my game.  We stopped said a prayer and on the very next door got a let in to a really nice woman that became a new investigator.  We truly receive no witness until after the trial of our faith! 

We were able to meet with another of our investigators a couple times this past week.  He is a thinker and is a really smart kid. We spoke a lot about the Restoration and he came to church for the second time in a row this week and loved it.  It looks like our baptismal commit is still good for the 3rd of February as her bap date.  She was not able to attend church yesterday, however, in our lesson this week she sounded still good for it.  We met with another family yesterday and they were able to make me a birthday cake.  I did not tell many people it was my birthday a month ago, but they found out and wanted to celebrate!  Our other investigators are also doing well.

I love you all so much, have a great week!   

Gentry elder 

January 15 letter

So this week week we were able to go to the great city of Dunaújváros!  I was able to work with Elder Lister who is actually from Fort Collins, Colorado! We were able to do some really great work together and were able to find like 12 potential investigators and got let in to a nice couple while we were tracting. 

 After that exchange we were able to come back to Buda and were able to go on an exchange with the office elders.  I was able to serve with Elder Katics, he is from Hungary! We were able to have 3 really great teachings and then we did a look up and met with our investigator from Romania.  With one of our investigators Elder Katics shared a super powerful conversion story, he was baptized when he was 13 (the only member in his family) and how after he found the church his life just got better.  I felt the Spirit so strong and it was really good.  We met with him again on Saturday and invited him to church.  He came and really loved it! 

We also were able to tract into a 100 year old women this past week.  She looked great for her age and she happily gave us a tour of her apartment.  We also met with a man named Jai Yoo this week from China.  He wants to come to find God and we taught him the Plan of Salvation, he really loved it!  Another of our investigators were on vacation and attended church  #dedication.  It was a great week and we are seeing miracles every day.  It is so fun serving with elder Lowe and it is great to be a missionary in Buda.  This gospel is true and God directs this work! 

Love you all so much,

Gentry elder 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Budapest, Round 5 :)

As the title says, this last week I was able to start my 5th transfer in the wonderful city of Budapest.  I am serving with Elder Lowe from Washington the state.  He is such a hard worker, loves football and basketball, is the best Hungarian speaker in the mission, and is going to be going to BYU studying finance (let's just say we get along pretty well, haha).  We are really excited to be able to work together this transfer and we are excited for the amazing work that lies ahead.

On Monday, we were able to cook with Sister Szabadkai. She taught us how to make fruit soup, one of things that they eat a lot here and that I am super excited to make for you all when I go home.  

This week, Elder Hughes went home, however, the day before he went home, a new missionary arrived from Australia.  His name is Elder McCan and he is a wonderful missionary.  On Tuesday we were able to be with him and it was really fun working with someone fresh out of the MTC.  He is a wonderful missionary and is going to be doing absolutely amazing things for the people in this country!  

The next day was the transfer and we I was able to start serving with Elder Lowe.  We were able to give a training to Elder McCan and his trainer Elder Howard and following that were able to do a lot of planning for the transfer.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to have an amazing dinner with the Szabadkais and were able to have paprikás csirke, one of my favorite Hungarian dishes (I am going to learn from sister Szabadkai how to make it on one of these preparation days).

On Thursday and Friday we were also able to do a lot of planning and we were able to set some really great goals.  We were able to tract into two new investigators on Friday, tracted into another on Saturday, and on Sunday were able to get a referral from the sisters in Pest and met with a really prepared man named David.  It has been a week full of miracles and I am so excited to keep on taking part in them this transfer! 

I love you so much and hope you all have a great week! 

Gentry elder