Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pápa, the land of miracles!

Hello amazing family!  It was so great to be able to talk to all of you yesterday!  You all bring so much joy into my life and I am so grateful for you!  It was an amazing week!

So while I was still in Buda, we were able to pick up the new missionaries from the airport (4 sisters and one elder).  It was really great to be able to be with all of them and to be able to have an absolutely amazing dinner with the Szabadkais.  We were also able to go up to Buda castle and we read the dedicatory prayer.  Then Wednesday was transfers.  We were able to talk to some really amazing people on the train and were actually able to get a referral of a woman's daughter that we started to talk to on the train.  We were able to find some really solid potential investigators that night.  

The next day, we were able to go to the city of Veszprém for our district meeting!  Let's just say that that city is absolutely incredible, so beautiful!  While getting on the bus, we started talking to a family (a mom, Ágnes, and her 3 young kids).  The following day we were able to meet with them in the branch house and it was incredible. They have good faith in Jesus Christ and at the end of the lesson, the 12 year old boy said the closing prayer, we are going to be meeting with them tonight. We were also able to tract into this amazing family that moved here from Budapest like me!  It is mom, dad,and son.  They also have really strong faith and we related how they moved to how we lived with Heavenly Father before we came to earth and how He has given us a perfect plan on how to be successful.  We are going back tomorrow. We also tracted into a woman named who lost her husband so we spoke about the Plan of Salvation, we are returning tomorrow. We also tracted into a man named József and we also spoke about the Plan of Salvation, we are going back on Wednesday. The Lord is honoring us so much! I will send pics next week, I am just out of time right now.  I love you so much!  Have an amazing week!  

Gentry elder 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Monday, April 23, 2018

It was a good ól week in Buda!

It was a good week this past week!  So we were able to meet with our part member family on Monday night.  It is a wonderful family of 5 and the dad is the only member.   We were able to talk about the Restoration and were able to show the Restoration film.   We were able to talk about baptism and were able to invite them to come to church, they were not able to come but hopefully in the future. 

We were able to go on two exchanges this past week!  Miskolc came here and I was with Elder Terry (he is from my group and it was fun to be able to work with him).  We were able to do some really good finding and we were able to meet with a few investigators.  We were able to put special focus on the Book of Mormon and were able to really strive to talk to everyone!  

We were also able to have exchanges with Pest.  I went across the river to the city of Pest.  I was with elder Durney from Colorado.  We were able to also make a special focus on the Book of Mormon and were able to see some miracles. We went tracting on the 1st day and I saw this girl walk into her apartment and had a feeling to go and knock on her door.  We told her we had a message of hope and she let us in without hesitation. She said she has been searching for God in her life and that she is super excited to meet.  The next day while tracting, on the last door we knocked, this 22 year old dude let us in that also seemed pretty interested.  It was really awesome to be able to work with elder Durney.  

We also had a really great MLC this past week where we were able to discuss diligence, effective studies, and Christlike leadership.  It was great!  I love you all so much, have a great week!!!

Gentry elder

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sok helyen voltunk az elmúlt héten!

It was a good and travel filled week as the email says!  It was really good and we were able to see lots of awesome places!  

On Tuesday, the east zone had a zone day and we were given the chance to be able to go from President Szabadkai.  We were able to go to Debrecen and were able to throw around the football, play some basketball, and watch some of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty before we had to go across the country to the beautiful land of Győr!  There I was with Elder Pulsipher and we did some good work.

On Wednesday, we met with one of our investigators  in Győr who is doing really well.  We spoke about the Brother of Jared and the faith he had to be able to ask the Lord for guidance after working to do everything he could to have the Lord open a door for him.  We spoke about how the Lord wants to reveal knowledge unto us, we need to increase our worthiness to be able to more deeply feel the influence of the spirit in our lives.  We gave him the commitment to pray for the things he needs to change in his life to better feel the spirit's confirmation that Joseph Smith was the prophet of the Restoration.  We also were able to meet with another one of our investigators, a husband and wife, who at first the husband was really opposed to meeting, however, when we presented the message of the Restoration in love, the Lord softened his heart and he became a new investigator.   

On Thursday we were able to have district meeting and meet with a new investigator who is from Japan and is going to school here, he found the church through the YSA.  We were also able to go to Szeged this week on Friday and Saturday.  We had 5 investigators in church on Sunday!  

Love you all so much and have a great week!

Gentry elder 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Jó volt a hetünk, Miskolcon voltunk!

We had a good week.  Last Monday was a work day and we tracted into two nice people that became new investigators.  We met with one of them yesterday and it went really well.  Brother Imreh helped us and we spoke about the Restoration and helped her move some chairs.

On Tuesday, we had preparation day and we were able to go to the Budapest Museum.  That night we started exchanges with the secretaries (I was with elder Allred from Colorado.  I told our investigators that I would not speak in English, és így volt, időnként egy kicsit beszéltem angolul, nem sokat 😊 if they obeyed the Word of Wisdom all week.  We also tracted into a nice old woman. 

On Wednesday, we met with other investigators and the Szabadkais came to the teaching as well.  It is always so great to be able to teach with them and hear their wonderful testimonies.  We spoke about the Book of Mormon, the Spirit, Joseph Smith, etc.  We asked them to be baptized and they said yes!  We are hoping for the beginning of May but we will see. 

We had a good Thursday (watched conference) and then on Friday and Saturday we went to Miskolc!  It was a good week!  I love you all so much!  Have a great week!! 

Az általános konferencia a legjobb! - post from April 2

Well it was sure a good week for us and the Lord honored us so much!  We were able to with some investigators on Monday night and we spoke about the Word of Wisdom.  It went really amazing and at the end of the lesson, we asked them that when they found out these things to be true if they would be baptized.  They said yes!  Later in the week, we were able to give a blessing of strength to be able to live according to the word of wisdom, it was a really spiritual and great experience!   

Right after the lesson on Monday night, we were able to do some tracting.  We prayed for direction on where we should go and the Lord led us to a building where on the second bell a young man came out and let us into his home.  The individual we met with is studying to be a faith teacher, I think at a religious school.  He really liked the things that we were able to teach him.  

We were also able to meet with this amazing new family that the member family the Váczys invited to church.  The couple is dating and they are really interested in the gospel.  We are going back tomorrow and we are going to be talking about baptism, we are really excited.  

We were blessed with a  wonderful meal on Friday and were able to be lead to two new investigators yesterday who seem pretty open to speak.  Last week we were also able to go on a daily exchange with the pest elders and the dunaújváros elders.  

The Lord has a prophet in our day and I am so grateful.  I love you so much! 

Quick conference recap…

I loved Elder Durrant's talk about family life at home (it made me think a lot about our home).  It was a great talk and overall a really amazing conference.  I received a very powerful and deep witness this weekend that President Nelson is truly a prophet of God and that if we heed his council we will be so blessed, I truly do love him and sustain him!  I was able to watch all of the sessions except the Sunday afternoon but I heard the change.  I think my favorite talks were the ones by President Nelson, Elder Oaks, the one about the sailor who saved the ship because he asked God not just to bless the ship but what he could do to help. I also really loved Elder Durrant's.  That is so cool that elder Gong and also elder Soares are in the 12. 

Hamarosan jön a húsvét! - Post from March 26

It was a really great week for us in Buda!  We were able to stay here for the week, however, we were actually able to go down to the wonderful city of Szeged to be able to hold a baptismal interview for a woman named Beáta who is getting baptized.  Other than that we were able to stay here and were able to do some good work in the city of Budapest.

On Monday we were able to meet with some of our investigators.  We together were able to read from the Book of Mosiah, where he talks about what we need to do to retain a remission of sins in chapter 4 (I love this part in the Book of Mormon so much, like you would always tell us mom it was their version of General Conference)!  It was a good spiritual lesson and they were able to come to church again, along with the lunch and Easter concert that was done after church.  It was a good experience, we are going to meet with them again tonight! 

On Tuesday we were able to find a new investigator.  She is from Portugal and we tracted into her.  She is actually here because she is on a Jewelry T.V. show and she spends two weeks here in Hungary and two weeks in Portugal.  She is from a Catholic background and she is really open to learn about our church and to read from the Book of Mormon.  

On Wednesday we were able to go on exchanges with the secretaries.  Before the exchange we were able to meet with another new investigator that lives on the street of the mission home.  We streeted her and set up with her and brought Csepai András to the lesson.  It is so cool because there are people prepared everywhere. We have most of our work right around our area and it does not matter how long missionaries have been here, we find those who are prepared each and every day.  We then went on the exchange and I was with Katics elder.  We were able to meet with some of our investigators and were able to speak about the Restoration.

On Friday we met with a new investigator that I met while tracting a little while back.  We set up this appointment and he let us right in.  On Saturday we felt like we needed to tract our own apartment and we got a new investigator that came to the Easter concert, along with another one of our neighbors.  People are prepared everywhere! 

I love you so much, have a wonderful week! 

Gentry elder