Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The City is Ours!!!

How is it going everybody!  It was a good week this last week!  We were able to go on splits a couple times this last week, one time with the assistants and the other time with the Elders from Tatabánya!  They went super great and I am always able to learn so much from exchanges, they are the best!  When we were on splits with the assistants, president called one of them and Elder Smith called us and we were informed that the Győr sisters were getting immediately transferred!  A sister had some health issues and had to go home and one of our sisters had to go be the companion to the other sister and the other sister got put in a trio in another city.  So basically, the point is, THE WHOLE CITY IS OURS!!  The sisters also had like 3 or 4 male investigators that we will now be able to meet with (we are pretty excited).  

We were able to have both of our baptismal dates in church this week and they are doing well. We are going to have both of their baptisms on the 8th of April just to ensure that they are fully ready.  Both of their interviews are going to be this Friday and both seem like they are going to be ready.  Our first commitment is doing very well and has been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.  We were able to discuss the feelings that he feels when he reads the Book of Mormon and when we meet with him.  We were able to discuss how the good feelings are those of the spirit and how the spirit testifies of truth.  He is doing great on commitments and I really have the faith that he can receive his full answer very quickly.  Our next commitment is also doing well and is following through on his commitments.  He has been reading from The Book of Mormon and has been praying to know that it is true.  He believes it all and is willing to live according to all of the commandments.  He is doing great and is very excited for his baptism in the next couple of weeks. 

We were able to also go on exchanges in Tatabánya and those also went really great! I was with Elder North (new missionary) and the split went really amazing.  It was pouring rain but that did not stop us, haha, we went out and did some good old fashioned streeting.  The Lord honored us big time as we were able to get 6 phone numbers while we were outside, it was pretty miraculous (we also preached at a bus stop which was fun).  Then we came back and yesterday we got honored with a new investigator and got a potential from offering to carry his trash bags ( he at first did not accept but then I grabbed them from his hands and he thought we were cool and said we could share a message!).  

I was just thinking about James 1:5 yesterday as we were watching the restoration film, it goes through verse five and then it says” but ask in faith nothing wavering”.  It is so interesting to think about because our Heavenly Father says to those that ask it will be given, however, first we need the faith and if we have faith then we come to accept God's will and as we come to accept God's will (or as it says our will is swallowed up in the will of the Father, in regards to the scripture talking about Christ and his submission in regards to the atonement) then our will literally becomes God's will and we do the things and ask for the things that God would have us do and ask for.  That is why I really believe that goals and everything we shoot for should have God first and forefront because he knows what we want more that we do and he will always give to those that ask in faith. 

Good week ahead of us, love you all tons!!!!! 

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