Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Good and busy week!

What is up my awesome family!  Sorry for the break up in the emails it was a crazy day.  So first of all my bike was broken and we had to go and get it fixed today.  What happened was is that my wheel was super wobbly and it would constantly rub against my kickstand and also against the other part of my axel so it was literally like I was riding uphill and through mud this whole week (It was the hardest I have worked my legs for months, haha).  Elder Smith's bike was also broken (his brakes would not work) and our first night together he crashed into me, haha, and I think that is when all of the problems started, haha.  Anyway, we got those fixed and then we had a teaching at 12 today (it was actually a referral that President Szabadkai gave us).  It went super great and we were able to set up with him for next week and he is going to bring his son and his girlfriend (thank you President!). Then we had Langos (look it up on google, so amazing) and cleaned our apartment #toiletsbaby! 

It was a really good and busy week!  We went on splits this week in Sopron and I was able to serve with Elder Jensen who swims for BYU and is currently the branch president in Sopron.  He is a really good guy and is a super hard worker.  I look up to him a lot and I really want to hang out with him after the mission.  My last 3 transfers, I have been able to go on splits with him quite a bit because he has always been in my zone and my favorite part is just talking about the life of an athlete at BYU and all that stuff (it gets me so pumped up!).  This week was a holiday called women’s day so me and Elder Jensen got flowers and gave them to a bunch of old ladies on the street (his idea, haha) and it was actually super fun! 

Then we came back from splits and we lost one of our bap dates :(.  It was super weird and sad because we called him and another person answered and told us that he sold his phone so we went over there and we walk up stairs ( it is like a weird apartment house type building) and he is sitting in the kitchen and just says "viszlat" which is like, see ya later.  We were like, what happened to you man, and he just kept saying viszlat and told us that he wants nothing to do with us anymore.  He then stormed out of the house and called the landlord and he came and kicked us out (while we were teaching another guy in the house #findconstantly haha).  It was sad but what can you do!  But on the bright side we have two super legit bap dates that are progressing sooooo well.  They were both in church yesterday along with another one of our investigators (we had 3 in church, it was pretty amazing).  Our first investigator we taught about the word of wisdom this week and he told us that he drinks coffee but from now on he is going to live the word of wisdom (whoop whoop)!  The other is also progressing well and is going to be ready. Hhe is reading the Book of Mormon consistently and praying ( he is doing it).  He is a good guy with a good heart.  

We were able to do a lot of tracting and streeting this week and only got one new investigator (a drunk man that we were able to set up with for this next week so we will see, hahaha) but a lot of potentials!  We also got let in to it with an older lady that is a Jehovah’s Witness (that was super frustrating and hilarious) and we also got streeted by a JW couple this last week, so frustrating but so funny at the same time (their religion makes no sense and is a testimony builder that what we have is true). We have a super big week ahead of us and I am pumped!

Love you all so much!!!

Langos! Yummy!!!

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