Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Well this church is true!!!

Wasn't conference just so amazing?!?!  The chance that we as latter-day saints have to hear from living Prophets and Apostles is something that is truly spectacular.  This is truly the living church of Christ and I have no doubt about that.  Jesus Christ is the head of this church and if we obey him and serve him by keeping his commandments then we will be preserved and prospered and he will use us for good.  I love how much our church is centered on serving.  Not only service in the sense of helping to clean up after a hurricane but service in the fact of loving our fellow man, loving our God, and loving our families and then giving it all that we have so that they too can feel the joy that we feel from living this gospel.  God needs our help to move along this work and he will qualify those whom he calls.  He asks us to stay worthy, keep His commandments, study His word (especially the Book of Mormon), and have a daily conversation with him in prayer.  This church is true and I know it to be true because I have experimented upon the word and it works! And the experiment upon the word will always work (100% of the time) so long as one is humble and willing to apply the constant nourishment to continuously improve one's faith.  It is so true and I love this gospel! 

It was a good week for us, however nothing too crazy to report.  We are meeting with our great part member family with their daughter that is really interested in learning about the gospel.  They came to conference and really loved it.  

One or our investigators that we thought was making great progress has basically dropped us which is kind of sad, however, he is not humble enough to experiment upon the word.  Humility is such a big part of this work and if someone is not willing to be humble then they will not receive a witness of the truth.  

We had some great meetings with another of our investigators that plans on continuing to read and study and pray and he’s doing well.

We also found an amazing family that lives on the street of the branch house.  It is a mom a dad and a little girl (9) that has autism.  The mom came to conference and loved it.  

Sorry the emails have been short, I will make it longer next week.  I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!!

Gentry Elder

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