Monday, October 9, 2017

Tovább, menjünk tovább!

We sing that line in the song called to serve (it basically means onward, we go onward!). So congrats on the wins this past week, it sounds like it was a successful week back home.  It was a good week over here on this side of the world as well, we were able to meet with a lot of really great people and were able to get 3 new investigators.

One of the things that we are really focusing on right now as a mission is using the white boards that president ordered for everybody.  We have been using them to talk to a lot of people about family history and people really seem to like it.  Every time we have been going we have been getting like 8-10 potential investigators and it really seems to be working well.  We were able to set up meetings with 2 people that we found while white boarding this past week.  One of the investigators is a girl that is about 20yrs old.  She is looking for direction in her life and I think comes from a little bit of a rougher home situation (which is interesting because she is a really sharp girl that loves reading Charles Dickens and Jane Austin books, haha, I told her that my mom likes those kind of books as well).  Then the other new investigator we found white boarding is a person that lives in a beautiful village named Szentendre (I am totally going to take you all to this village when we come back and visit, it is so beautiful and cool). She was not super religious but had many questions regarding God and why we are here on the earth.  She said that her life is quite frankly miserable and she wanted to know why God would send us to a world where we are just here to have misery.  We talked about how God will consecrate all of our afflictions for our gain and that the purpose of life is to learn, progress, and grow (ultimately to have joy)!  Kind of like a school, if one has the outlook that it is just going to be miserable then it will be miserable, however, if one sees it as an opportunity to learn and progress and grow then it changes the outlook. In Szentendre we were also able to get another new investigator.  She met with the missionaries in the past and was thrilled to meet with us again.  We spoke a lot about the Holy Ghost and what will happen after this life.  She is really kind and we are excited to be able to talk to her more this upcoming week.  

We were able to go on daily exchanges this past week and I was able to work with the one and only ELDER LEAVITT.  It was really fun working together and I had one of the busiest days of my mission.  When we started the exchange, I totally forgot about one of our teachings (I felt really bad but the people were ok with it, we moved it to the next day).  We were able to have a member who is preparing for his mission come to 4 teachings with us from 11:30 until 5 at night (we owe him, he was a big help).  Elder Leavitt is doing well and is a really great missionary.  

So our part member family is doing really well.  We had to cancel one of our teachings with them because we did not realize that the dad would not be home, when we got to their house and realized that there wasn't a male home so we had to move it to Sunday (they understood though #blessingfromobedience).  Yesterday we brought the member that baptized them 9 years ago and they gave the mom a blessing that was sick.  The dad had probably not given a blessing in more than 5 years before last night.  Their non member daughter is doing great and is reading from the Book of Mormon.  We feel like she could be baptized this transfer! 

Our other family is doing well.  It’s great to see someone so ready and who feels the spirit so strong when she learns about the Gospel.  She loved church this past Sunday and President said the he would love to hold a baptismal interview with her if we feel like she could be ready before the end of the transfer (we will see).  

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  I love you all so much!! 

Sok szeretettel, 

Gentry elder 

Translating Gospel Doctrine into English

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