Thursday, February 23, 2017

Third of the way....(eek!)

What is up everybody!!  It was a super crazy and good week for us this last week.  We were able to get our transfer calls this morning and I am staying in Győr and will be getting Elder Smith as my next companion!  He was in my zone my 1st transfer so I know him a bit (we were always on the same trains together) but I do not know a ton about him.  I just know he is a genius and that he likes football so I think that we are going to get  along just fine.  I am sad to not be able to serve with Elder Ure anymore but after 8 months in Győr he was ready to go somewhere else.  He will be going to Pest with his old MTC companion and he is really excited. I am excited to do some more work in Győr this transfer, the work here has really been picking up.

We were able to get 7 new investigators this last week and were able to meet with a lot of the investigators we got the last few weeks. We have started to meet with a guy that the sisters found about 4 months ago ( I think while streeting)  and for the last 4 months he has been coming to church on a consistent basis,  My first transfer I thought he was the sisters investigator but apparently he was not even meeting with them.  One day I decided to talk to him and just asked him straight up if he wanted to be baptized because he comes to church so much.  He said he was not ready to be baptized but that he actually lives in our area and wanted to start meeting with us.  We had a really solid teaching with him a few days ago.  The bible and Jesus are a huge part in his life.  He loves how he feels in church and he is reading what we assign him in the Book of Mormon.  We are going to try to get him on a baptism date this week and hope to be able to get him baptized in the next little bit.  We were also able to find two really cool families this last week and each of them want to come to church this next week which would be really amazing!   We also are going to start meeting with this guy that is from Nigeria that actually is neighbors in the same apartment building as our investigator Aziz from Ethiopia ( so we are really excited to meet with him).  The work here is definitely moving forward and I am so excited for two more months of work here.

We were also able to go on splits this last week in Budapest with the assistants.  That was so cool being able to do some work in that really cool city.  I was able to work with Elder Heaps and it went super well.  We were able to get let in two times in a matter of like 20 minutes and almost got let in a 3rd time (I started to walk in the house and apparently, they did not want me to do that, haha).  I love going on splits as a zone leader because you get to learn so much from other missionaries.  I love you all so much, have a great week!!!! 

Gentry Elder

Great trainer and companionship!

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