Thursday, February 2, 2017

It was sooooooo cold!!!

It was a good week for us this last week.  Like I said in the title of my email, it was very, very cold and we actually were able to get a little bit of snow.  Just flurries in the air that you could barely see, but it was still snow, haha.  It was a little bit hard for us as we tried to call a lot of people to try to set up with them, and many of them did not answer.  Some did answer, however, and we were able to set up with them for this week.  We were able to meet with a couple of RCLAs this past week (one of which I had not met before) and the lessons went well.  Last Sunday one of the less actives we had been working with was actually able to come to church which was a really amazing thing to see.  We were also able to meet with a couple of our other investigators as well.

We were able to meet with Roland a couple of times this last week and he is doing really well in his progression toward baptism.  He was able to come to church yesterday and we were able to talk more about his baptism and how that is going to work.  I am really honored and excited because he asked me if I would be the one to baptize him and confirm him.  I am super-excited and a little nervous for the confirmation (Hungarian in front of the whole ward) but I know the spirit will help me and I am really excited for this super amazing opportunity!  He is very excited and I have the faith that he is going to stay and is going to make a great member here in Győr.

We were able to go on splits this last week with the assistants and the Elders from Tatabanya.  Both went very well and I was able to learn a lot.  I was able to serve with Elder Miller and it was really great learning from him and being able to incorporate the things that he does into my own work.  I was also able to work with Elder Leavitt this last week and was able to learn a lot from him.  I always love going on splits with him and talking about the good ol’ days in the MTC, good times, good times….It was super cool, so the other assistant, Elder Heaps is from Cache Valley.  He is a huge Utah State guy and knows some of the people that we do, like Dad’s coach that took us around in my visit for football and his stud son who plays basketball at USU (Jimmy & Jalen Moore).  Anyway, we found out that his great-grandpa, Marlo Woodward, was best friends with President Benson when they were kids and that they used to ride horses together to school (thought that was super-ironic that both of our great grandpas were buddies, haha).

We were able to give some service this past week at the old person home and also at this handicap home that the wife our bishop works at.  Both were super fun and at the handicap home, they all gave us their stuffed animals as a thank you for coming and hanging out with them, it was neat and a fun experience (when they heard that I played American football they all freaked out and started cheering, haha).  Last Pday we were able to go and learn how to cook stuffed cabbage at a member’s house and it was super fun.  It was funny because I was asked to give the closing prayer and the words together and each other are pretty close in Hungarian and I sometimes get them mixed up and I do not know why, but anyway I said that I was grateful that we could all eat each other for dinner and after the prayer the member was like we do not practice cannibalism here, it was pretty funny!  I also accidently dropped a bad word at the old person home because I was trying to say that Colorado was very dry, but the word dry is very close to another word derogatory for poop…and I said it and Elder Ure and Roland totally flipped out and started dying, so funny!  I felt bad, the old people were probably in shock, haha.  I corrected myself though.

We had a really amazing experience this last week.  We had just finished looking up some of the people that told us to come back in a building we were tracting a few weeks-ago.  No one was really interested and as we were taking our bikes off the lock outside of the apartment building, these two teenage boys started walking towards us.  I decided to start talking to them and started to have a really great conversation.  They are from Romania and they now live in a village outside of Győr.  They explained how their family used to be Orthodox Christians, I believe, but that now they do not practice that because they do not have a church like that where they live.  We were able to explain to them who we were and what we believed in and right then and there one of the teenage boys asked if he could join our church.  I was in total shock as well as was my companion.  We explained that we usually meet with people and explained what we believed and stuff like that.  They are so excited to meet with us and told us that their parents will also be interested as well.  They promised that they would come to church and I am really looking forward to be able to meet with them and give them the opportunity to accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I know the Lord is preparing people but we just have to open our mouths and be willing to find them.  I love being a missionary (oh, their names are Mark and David, been a while since I have heard those names together, haha).

Love you all, have a great week!!!

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