Sunday, January 22, 2017

It Snowed!

Well howdy everybody!  How is it going?  It was a really great week this week full of travel, lessons, and snow!  Monday, we met with these really cool people (older couple) that we tracted into last week.  The member we brought did a really good job with them and the lesson went pretty well.  I really hope we can keep meeting with them on a consistent basis and that we can see them going somewhere!  Then on Tuesday we were able to go to the old folks home again and do some more service for them.  They are some of the nicest people and we talked with this super nice man that has been sick all of his life (I know super sad) he has been alone for literally almost his whole life and it was really cool seeing him light up when we talked to him!  It is seriously such good language practice talking to these people because they speak so crazy it is not even funny, haha.  Then on Wednesday we had missionary leadership council in Budapest!  It was so good and it is so true that we as missionaries are truly here to teach repentance and baptize converts because that is the only way that we can make it back to live with our Heavenly Father again!  Then on Wednesday night, when we came back we did some tracting (almost got the cops called on us again, would have been like two or three weeks in a row, haha) we decided to look up an investigator that was from my first transfer.  He got a new job and is never home but we decided to look him up any way.  He was just getting home from a run and we were able to meet with him and his family!  Not only that but they also fed us dinner, haha, which was super super cool.  We were able to talk about the gospel and about the Book of Mormon and he promised us that he would read from it on a daily basis.  He speaks some English but not super incredible, and when we were leaving he said in English "you look, what is the word, weaker, since the last time that I saw you,"  totally roasts me, haha.  It was so funny and he was just trying to say that I had lost weight but it sounded so funny, hey what can I do, the life of a missionary right, haha.  Thursday was super good, we were able to teach our English class (talked about New Year’s resolutions) and we were also able to meet with one of our new investigators that we got last week. He is super cool and is going through a hard time, but he wants to meet more and knows the Book of Mormon surprisingly well (I think he had read it before).  Then on Friday and Saturday we were on splits in Tatabanya with Elder Leavitt and Elder Willis.  I was with Elder Willis from California who is a 2nd transfer.  The split went well and it even snowed while we there (it made me miss snow so stinking much).  It was so funny, I feel bad but whatever, I totally jacked up one of the Tatabanya Elder's bikes.  I kicked off the kick stand and hit two big bumps (almost died, JK, haha) and totally jacked up the wheel (oops, what can you do, I am a big man).  Then when we got home from splits we had an amazing last couple of days.  We had 4 member present lessons and were able to bring a member to two RCLA lessons.  I was able to give blessing at church on Sunday (ironically to the same one I gave one to my 1st transfer) and Roland came to church with the bishop which was good and can hopefully be a weekly thing from now on so that the kid does not have to ride his scooter like 3 miles every Sunday!  

I love you all so much and keep being the best family in the world!!!!!!!

Gentry Elder 

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