Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Number One!

Well it was a really awesome week this last week.  I loved being able to talk to all of you and to see all of your amazing faces and hear your amazing voices.  It was definitely one of the highlights of my life!  Anyway, so it was a really good week but also a really hard week.  It was Christmas this week which obviously makes the work a lot harder to accomplish.  Many of the people that we tried to set up with said that they still want to meet but that it will have to be after the new year.  It is understandable but just still super frustrating.  We were still able to get a couple of member present lessons and were able to meet with quite a few of our RCLAs that we are trying to meet with a lot now.  We were not able to set up with a lot of people so we decided to do a lot of look ups.  I had the idea of making cookies so we decided to go and take them to a bunch of people and it turned out to be actually incredibly successful which was super cool. We were able to meet with like 4 RCLAs and they were all super happy to see us and accept our heartfelt cookies.  It was super fun.  

So here in Hungary the 24th is actually a bigger celebration than the 25th.  The name of it is Szent Este which translates to Holy Night.  They open up all of the presents on the 24th and it is a super big thing for them.  So anyway, this super awesome member that got baptized a few months ago invited us and the sisters to the branch house for super big dinner for the 24th.   It was so good and we had fish soup, stuffed cabbage, and super good süti!  Then we did some more look ups and had some success.  

Then on Christmas, it was just a day full of miracles.  We were able to meet with a couple of our RCLAs and even gave one of them a blessing and were able to go and meet with one of our other investigators.  The highlight of the day though (besides talking to all of you of course) was when we got let in to this guy’s mansion while tracting (ya’ that is right in the Hungary Budapest mission the missionaries tract on Christmas, take that South America missionaries).  He said how he has all of this money and material possessions but that he is just not truly happy and he does not know where to find it.  We testified of the power and truth of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and he is super excited to read it and wants us to keep meeting.

Needless to say, it was a great Christmas and was the best thing in the world being able to talk to all of you!  You are the best family in the world and I am so blessed to have you!  Keep being the best!  I love you all so much!

Gentry Elder 

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