Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Back in Győr

It was a super good week this week and it is good to be back in Győr with Elder Ure!  He is such a stud and it is going to be a fun next couple of months.  My 1st transfer it was hard to understand everything that Elder Ure would say and now I can understand him perfectly (now the challenge is just understanding those dang Hungarians).  It was super awesome being able to see everyone in the ward and everyone seemed really excited that I was able to come back!  It is a lot of work being the Zone Leader with Elder Ure, and a lot of responsibility, but the Lord has got my back so I am pretty excited and humbled.  It is so sweet, Elder Leavitt (MTC Companion) is my District Leader!  Our district now encompasses 3 cities and because Elder Ure and I are Zone Leaders, Elder Leavitt is our District Leader!   It is going to be fun going on splits a lot and being able to see so many different cities around the country.  We do a lot of traveling which is going to be cool and, rumor has it, because I have been in the country for less than 1 year, I may get a car, but we will see.  We had our MCM meeting this last week in Budapest.  I was super-scared because I was asked to give the spiritual thought on the sacredness of our calling and from what I had heard the meeting was going to be in Hungarian.  I read from Alma chapter 26 and explained how we are truly instruments in the Lord's hands and how that is such a sacred and incredible responsibility.  I thought I did a good job and after I sat down president complimented me on my Hungarian which was so nice of him to say.  I was worried that I would not be able to understand a lot of the Hungarian parts of the meeting but I was able to and really surprised myself which was cool (the gift of tongues is real).  I am super excited for our new zone challenge which is placing emphasis on member reactivity.  In Győr alone there are about 350 members but only 50 come to church every week so needless to say we have our work cut out for us!  
I do not have a ton of time so it is going to be another short one but I will really try to make them longer in the future. So, a couple of cool and funny stories.  I had a really neat experience where I talked to this girl on the bus for like 20 minutes and it was a great experience.  Elder Ure was sitting right behind me and when I got done talking to someone else on the bus he was going to come and sit by me but got blocked by these two guys and had to stay in his seat.  That is when this girl sat down by me and we had a super good conversation about the gospel, gave her a book, and got her number.  She said that she was having a really bad day before we talked and that the conversation basically made her day.  Then yesterday (this is funny) we were streeting this guy and he said that he had heard of the Mormons on Harry Potter.  I responded that those are Muggles and he was like, “Ya’ that is it!!!”   I responded that we are Muggles and Mormons but a little different.  I am so excited to skype it is not even funny!  Keep being the best!  I love you tons!!!!
Elder Gentry    

Last week with Elder Olsen
Youth in Pécs Ward


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