Friday, September 22, 2017

The Mission Survived!!!

Hello my amazing family, I am so glad you are all doing well!  It was a great week for us!  We were able to go have an exchange in the beautiful city of Győr.  It was fun going back and it was fun being able to go and see Roli, he seems to be doing well.   Elder Robinson and I were able to discuss a way to get more member referrals and we devised a plan that whenever we go to member’s homes from now on, we are going to ask them to start out by writing 5-10 of their closest friends down on a piece of paper.  Then from that 5 we are going to pick one and speak about how we can invite that friend to learn about the gospel.  The biggest thing that I have seen is that when we ask people for referrals they always tend to say that they do not know anyone that would be interested.  Elder Anderson said however that the Lord is preparing every single person we talk to receive the gospel and then it is on their shoulders to accept it or not (it is our job to share it though, many times that comes through simple service and being examples).  This way we can get them to write 10 names down.  That night the Győr elders tried it and they said it was super awesome! We were able to do some cool whiteboard finding there and were able to get like a total of 11 potential investigators.  We were also able to do some good work here in Buda this week. We wrote down the question "do you know the name of your great grandpa?" and then we put pictures of our great grandpas on there (I put grandpa Benson) and then we spoke about family history and the church!  We got like 8 contacts.

We were able to meet with one of our investigator’s a few times this past week and it seems as though he is doing well and is progressing. We were able to have different members at each of his teachings this past week and they are really coming to love him. They are really happy about him being baptized and are anxious to support him. We were able to teach about the Sabbath Day, the Word of Wisdom, and the Law of Chastity and he was able to accept them all. We moved his date back one week in order for him to feel fully prepared for his interview and because conference is going to be on the 30th of September (when his baptism was originally going to be, this would have meant that he would have been confirmed one week later). He is doing well and is going to make a great member to the Buda ward.

We met with another of our investigator’s this past week and he is doing well. We taught about the prophet and his role and being the intermediary for our Father in Heaven in these latter days. We spoke about how the things (or commandments) that prophets tell the world to do, come directly from God and that when we obey them we can be assured that we will be blessed. We spoke about the Word of Wisdom and how breaking this commandment is a sin that we need to repent of. He is struggling with smoking right now, and we challenged him to stop and not to procrastinate the day of his repentance. We told him that we are going to be here to support him, but that the biggest support he is going to get is going to come from our Father in Heaven (because with his help, all things are possible). He was able to come to church and we are going to be meeting with him again this upcoming Friday.

Another person in our teaching pool was able to come back in country this week and we were able to meet with him. We were able to talk about how we do not receive a witness until after our faith is tested. We were able to talk about how all things work together for them that serve God and how we need to have the faith that if we do what God tells us then it will all work out in the end. We spoke about how we need to read from the scriptures daily, we need to pray daily, and we need to go to church to get the spiritual strength that we need to get in order to keep on carrying on. He is doing well, and was able to read from the Book of Mormon while he was away. We are going to be going over the baptismal questions with him next time to see how he feels about those. We were also able to meet with another individual this week and speak about the importance of the Sabbath Day. We talked about how we need to go to church to receive the spiritual strength we need, take the sacrament, and do what God tells us. We were able to have a member there that bore really strong testimony about the Sabbath and how we need the strength that we get from honoring the Sabbath. We spoke about how even though we are a church of imperfect people, the church is perfect. He is doing well and is reading from the Book of Mormon daily, we just need to get him to start coming to church. 

We are going to keep busting it and are going to keep finding the elect!  THEY ARE OUT THERE!!  Love you so much!!!

Gentry Elder

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