Monday, August 28, 2017

Go Rebels and Cougars!!!

What is up amazing family!  Go rebels and go Cougars (I included both in my prayers a few nights ago).  It was a really great week for us!  I got a text on Friday that I was going to be giving a talk in church the following Sunday (#2dayprep).  I thought it went really well!  The theme was “What should I do so that I won't be weak and vulnerable spiritually”.  I talked about how I played American football and that the players that slacked and did not work out hard got injured but those that trained their bodies did not usually get injured.  I said it was the same spiritually because we are at constant war with the adversary. I said that we need to do 3 things daily to exercise our spiritual muscles. 1. Read from the Book of Mormon 2. Repent 3. Be missionaries (active participants in the game).  I went like 7 minutes over my time but I thought it went well! 

We were able to have some really great teachings this past week.  We were able to have a really great meeting with our investigator from Ukraine.  He is doing really well and is really progressing.  He is reading from the Book of Mormon every single day and is really coming to love it more and more.  He says that quitting from the word of wisdom is not easy, however, he is feeling God's support more than he has ever felt in his entire life.  We told him it is like building a house and that while we are building it, it is not easy but when it is finished it is totally worth it. We were able to have a really great discussion about obedience and why we obey and he accepted it and really wants to keep changing his life.  We were also able to have a really great teaching with our investigators.  We were able to speak about the roles of the spirit and how it can have an impact in our lives.  We spoke about how the spirit has a big role as comforter, as a teacher of truth, and how it inspires us to do good.  We were able to really focus on the point of how we can know that it is from the spirit of God if it inspires us to do good.  We read Moroni 7:13-16 with them and they both seemed to really accept it and like it.  Another contact was able to come to church and I think he liked it.  We also were able to have a good teaching with someone about obedience and she is actually really doing well, she was also able to come to sacrament meeting and I think that she liked it.  

We had a really cool family home evening with the Szabadkais.  They invited a recent convert along with their family who aren’t members. I thought that it went really well and I really think that they were able to feel the spirit.  I really think that with time he is going to accept the gospel we just have to keep working with him and being patient.  We were also able to have a couple of really great teachings with our investigator from Romanian.  The first lesson we were able to talk about who Jesus is and that through his Atoning sacrifice we can become clean and truly repent.  Then we were able to teach another lesson about how the gift of the Holy Ghost can play an impact on our lives and how as we do good and follow the promptings of the spirit then we can more and more be on the Lord's path. It went really well and he is really progressing and learning a lot.  We were able to have a good teaching with our neighbor this week.  He had the thought that in our church it is kind of like a latter and we move up the latter to gain more and more positions in the church.  We told him that that is not the point, however, the point is that we serve to be able to help others and while we do that we personally grow along the way.  We were able to teach him that the gospel is the most rewarding way of life that we can possibly live and that it brings so much joy and happiness along the way.  We were also able to meet with all of the recent converts this week and they seem to be doing well.  

I am really excited for the next transfer and for my new companion.  I am really sad that Elder Fitzgerald is going home, however, I am so grateful for all I was able to learn from him and how much I have been able to improve (he is a stud and served a great mission).  I love you all so much!  I wrote a little article for the mission news letter that I will include!  

Love you all so much!!  

Gentry Elder

The Successful Missionary

Many missionaries will ask themselves the question, “How can I be a successful missionary and fulfill my commission to bring souls unto Christ?”  As Preach my Gospel explains, your success is measured by your commitment to find, teach, and baptize!  The question now turns to, “How can I be a committed missionary?”  A committed missionary is one who realizes the divine worth of souls and works diligently to invite as many people as he or she can each and every day to come unto Christ and partake of His gospel (whether that be on the street, on public transportation, or in a teaching). A committed missionary strives to always have the divine companion of the Holy Ghost and relies on its guidance (which many times comes after we start to get to work).  A committed missionary acknowledges his or her total dependence on the Lord and trusts that with humility and work, He will “make weak things become strong” (Ether 12:27).  A committed missionary is strictly obedient and puts his or her trust in the Lord, the Mission President and his direction.  A committed missionary attacks their day, is the message, and goes to the edge and flies.   A committed missionary continuously strives to learn and develop Christlike Attributes which include faith in Jesus Christ, hope, charity, love, virtue, knowledge, patience, humility, and diligence.  A committed missionary is one who loves the Lord and loves the people and as a result gets lost in this glorious work!  
Elder Fitzgerald!  What a great missionary!!!

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