Monday, July 17, 2017

Time is Flying!

We had a great week!  We were able to speak to a ton of amazing people and were able to find so many amazing people!  One of which was an amazing man from Ukraine who moved to Hungary in January 2016. His family (wife and two young children) still live in Ukraine which is really hard for him because he loves them and misses them very much. He told us that he has been looking for direction in his life and he thinks that the gospel could be the answer to what he has been looking for. He is a really good Christian man that has really high standards and wants to constantly improve himself. He thought that because of his hard situation, God was turning his back on him, however, we testified that God was not turning his back on him but was giving him this trial in order to make him grow stronger and become better. We testified of the Plan of Salvation and how this is the only way that we can achieve lasting happiness in this life and in the life to come. We have met with him 3 times the last 3 days and are going back tonight in hopes to give him a baptismal date. He is very prepared and wants this for his life. 

We were also able to meet with another of our investigator’s this past week and that also went well. We were able to discuss prayer, scripture reading, and Sabbath Day observance and it went well. He thought that he wasn't doing enough in regards to not coming to church or praying twice a day and he thought that we were mad at him, but we told him that we are not mad at him at all but that we encouraging him to do these things because they are going to bless his life more that he can know. We are going to have to change his baptismal date, due to the fact that he was not able to come to church and also because he told us that he really needs more time to quit smoking, however, I have the faith that he can continue to improve and eventually enter the waters of baptism. We were also able to meet with another of our investigator’s twice this past week and both those teachings went well. We are making sure that he can fully understand everything and are making sure to explain things simply and slowly. We are meeting with him again tonight and are excited to keep seeing his progress. One of our investigator’s has been away for a bit and I really hope that when she comes back she will have a clearer mind and that she will want to make the next step of baptism. She texted us that she is really excited to keep meeting when she gets back and I am hoping that she can really start progressing. 

Sorry to make this short, but I do not have a lot of time!  I am going to keep serving as hard as I can and am pumped to continue to see the hand of the Lord in this work!  I love you all so much, have a great week! 

Gentry elder
Office Elders

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