Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another beautiful week in Pécs

Hey all, I hope you had a super awesome week!  So, it was a good week this last week.  We got cancelled on a lot which really sucked but the lessons that we did have went super awesome.  The girl that we found a little bit ago (Henni) is progressing super well.  We assigned her to read Mosiah 24 and she said that she read it over and over again and can really see how it applies to her life!  We felt impressed on night to go and check on her and share a quick scripture with her.  We did so and said that right when we rang she was thinking about us and the Book of Mormon and how our little message was what she needed to hear (the spirit is pretty awesome).  We are really going to push for Dec 10 as her baptismal date.  It would be the coolest present ever and I know she can be ready.  We also have a ton of other investigators that we have set up to meet with this week and hopefully have a super solid week ahead of us!
So, like I mentioned in my audio recording, we were able to go on splits this week with the Koposvar Elders and I was with Elder Harris who is a 1st transfer.  I was super excited because I saw it as kind of a test to see if I could survive on my own.  We actually lived and it went super well.  We tracted, streeted, gave out a Book, got two phone numbers, gave service, and taught 2 lessons.  I feel like I understand more when I am forced to.  The gift of tongues is real and more and more I am seeing that I will learn Hungarian when the Lord wants me to learn Hungarian and not when I want to have it down.  It is hard but I am doing my best and I know that I am being honored for my efforts.  The hardest part is just not being able to relate to these people yet because I love them so much and I want to help them.  I just have to be patient, it will come with time!

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